“Don Brehm was on the engineering development staff at MPB and he developed the air bearing as opposed to the ball bearing, the air bearing, do you know what an air bearing is? It spins on air instead of having balls in it like your bicycle bearing, it has air compressed air that’s captured between the components so there is little to no friction only the friction that air causes, they can be much more accurate than a ball bearing. The company that my son owns now makes air bearings down to the accuracy of one-millionth of an inch compared to a perfect circle, now can you think of what one-millionth of an inch is?” -Bill Abbott

” Yes long after, you know Ken was at Tool Room Craftsmen, Don hired him to start designing air bearings just a couple years after leaving engineering school. I left but Ken stayed with Don at Precitech, he was the engineering manager, he grew the company very well.”- Bill Abbott